My Favorite Free Time

I get energized by being alone.

At work, at home or on that stone.

To create a new idea, I need your light,

For exploring my thought in that night.

Being extrovert, it drains my energy by talking a lot,

I prefer to be introvert to express my feeling I've got.

It embarrassed me to give my opinion by saying lies,

In my loneliness, I feel a sense of pride and happiness.

It's my way to speak my fluency language in stillness.

I value the knowledge from my elders,

In that book and my professors findings.

On my pillow, I try to understand my beliefs,

Is my favorite free time to solve my mistakes,

And another way to fight my unexpected sadness.

Abderrahmane Dakir

©2015 Abderrahmane Dakir

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